Creating memories and experiences that resonate for a lifetime


The range of events and sport that we offer are, much like life, limitless.

Our founders come from a rich background in the world of professional sport. From rugby and American Football, to MMA and Crossfit, with experience in pretty much everything in between.

Having fun

At Precision, we believe firmly that the core of everything in life, should always come back to having fun.

A simple concept at first, however it is one which is grounded in its undeniable importance. Having fun has boundless positive impacts. 

Getting better

Getting better, learning new skills or trying new things. These all are massively important to a person. In a life where routine surrounds us, it can be easy to stay inside your comfort zone. Comfort zones are safe, but they are not healthy – at least not in the long term. Learning things, taking risks, trying things, these are what keep your mind active and healthy, continuously developing. It keeps your neural pathways active, which enhances overall brain health.

Giving back 

Having a purpose in life is what makes life more meaningful, and in turn makes us happier individuals. Belonging to something which is more than yourself, whether it be a family, a competition or a team, is hardwired into our DNA. We, as a race, have evolved to need it, otherwise we would have died alone on the savannah thousands of years ago. People who belong to something meaningful live longer, happier and with more satisfaction.

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