Survival of the grittiest

It is a fitness racing event, unlike any other fitness event on the planet. The race consists of dynamic, functional movements, making it visually impressive and giving it a PRIMAL feel.

Challenging for a whole host of personalities

Athletes focus on moving heavy things quickly and fighting to continuously complete the challenge ahead of them in the fastest time possible. All in their teams. All while having a great time.

It is a unique and challenging experience that pushes participants to their limits, emphasizing PRIMAL movements and celebrating functional fitness.

What can I say about Primal Race apart from WOW! Over the years I’ve seen a lot of comps and races ‘dumbed down, made easier’ here to meet the ‘comfort zone.’ Primal race however did what it’s says in the name – it was Primal, it was tough, it pushed you way out that comfort zone and it was amazing to feel that pleasurable pain. We were born to run, lift, push, pull and carry……this is Primal. Never have I been to an event out here that was run so smoothly, on time, no delays, no issues as Primal race so kudos to the team behind the scenes. It had it all; F&B vendors, cool gear for sale, banging tunes, a vibe, a following and facilities to wash and change. If you’re looking to get comfortable being uncomfortable then sign up for the next Primal Race.

Simon Pepper

Primal Race Abu Dhabi

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Primal Race Dubai

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Primal Race Saudi Arabia

 It’s tough, it’s intense, and it’s amazing to feel that pleasurable pain.