Witness The Fitness

Witness the Fitness at The Middle East’s biggest fitness competition, exclusively for female competitors.

Challenging for a whole host of personalities

The OC Throwdown is an event which promotes a safe and empowering environment for women of all backgrounds and fitness levels to come together and showcase their strengths and abilities.

The workouts are scalable and exciting.

The vibe is bright and energetic.

The occasion is inclusive and unforgettable.

Sometimes fitness events can be intimidating and put you off competing however the OC throwdown was the complete opposite, especially with it being all female. Such a feel good, empowering and fun event that can be enjoyed by women of all fitness levels. Everyone wants everyone to do so well and all the judges are super supportive. Then with the live dj and vendor village, where you can visit hair and glitter stations, as well as eat good food and buy active wear – it just makes you feel like a festival with your friends. Whether its your first time competing or whether you’re a seasoned pro, I couldn’t reccomend OC throwdown enough for a good evening with the Dubai Fitness Community

Brearnna Close

OC Throwdown

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