Training sessions

Why Precision?

Precision are the largest domestically based provider of sports events in the UAE. We offer the widest range of sports, to the broadest of audiences.

Our fun-filled events, with their unique formats and highly competitive designs, attract athletes from all over the region and from overseas.

As we rapidly expand, you have the opportunity to feature alongside us

The Package

  • Bespoke sessions at a 1:10 ratio
  • Fundamental, technique and skill-focused
  • Periodised training blocks
  • Specialised coaches
  • Special Edition T-shirt for all sign-ups


Precision have partnered up with the ‘Panthers’ sporting body, who compete across multiple leagues in a wide range of sports – notably they will be the largest representation of any other sporting body at the Dubai 7s 2022.


Social media exposure

Endorsement posts from our extensive network of athletes, influencers and ambassadors

Activations at our events

Networking opportunities at our events

Direct access to a a huge customer base

Brand exposure on event attire and merchandise

Your logo featured on our sports team’s attire as they compete in domestic and international competitions

Training stages

Key Stage 1
We want the children to.. 
  • Develop how they move their bodies efficiently and safely 
  • Become capable with foundational body movements
  • Use appropriate muscle groups for fundamental movements 

Principles – When delivering our program to Key Stage 1, our key principle is ‘consistency over mastery.’ Developing these movement patterns and become aware of how their muscles work in unison with their bodies is a process which takes practice. We provide them with a variety of fun and engaging games in which they can consistently practice these things. 


  • Having Fun
  • Getting Better
  • Patience
Key Stage 2

We want the children to

  • Become confident with foundational body movements
  • Transition their fundamental movements into specific techniques
  • Develop appropriate muscle groups through fundamental movements

Principles – When delivering our program to Key Stage 2, our key principle is ‘focusing on the understanding.’ We promote the understanding of key movement patterns and why they are important, providing the students with an a sustainable value in why it is important to conquer the basics of S&C if they wish to succeed across a wide range of sports.


  • Having Fun
  • Developing
  • Energy
Key Stage 3

We want the children to..

  • transition their fundamental movements into specific techniques
  • become masters with foundational body movements
  • develop specific muscle groups through relevant fundamental movements

Principles – When delivering our program to Key Stage 3, our key principle is ‘continued practice leads to positive adaptation.’ The skills and techniques which we develop at this key stage will underpin the habitual tendencies which emerge for the remainder of their lives. We focus on ensuring that they are the best habitual tendencies that they can be.


  • Having Fun
  • Perseverance
  • Enthusiasm
Key Stage 4

We want the children to..

  • Specialise in a range of techniques
  • Challenge themselves with foundational body movements
  • Pursue fundamental movements which enhance their overall athleticism

Principles – When delivering our program to Key Stage 4, our key principle is ‘practice specificity.’ Each student has specific goals and needs which need to be carefully considered. Each student has a different response to training and to instruction, for which we are prepared and excited to nurture.


  • Having Fun
  • Mastery
  • Respect

Give Everything.

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